In Person and Telephone Statements

We are experts at engaging in conversations that will produce the complete and thorough information you need to make sound business decisions.  Every day, CoventBridge's highly trained and experienced investigators interview drivers and passengers in auto cases. They take witness statements for Workers' Compensation claims. They discuss loss and damage with homeowners.


Based on our extensive experience in the area of investigations, we know that every situation requires a different line of questioning to obtain facts, gather evidence and help carriers make informed claims decisions.


No matter what kind of claim – from life and health to property and casualty – our investigators carefully follow your specific statement formats. They are also trained to go beyond the basics.  In addition to simply recording the answers to each question, they are highly skilled in listening to what’s not being said.  They have the experience to know when to go off-script and ask key follow-up questions that may be crucial to the case.  This thorough and intelligent approach results in rich information that allows you to make sound decisions, improving your outcomes and business results.

In-person and telephone statements can be written, recorded or transcribed verbatim, based on your requirements. We also have bilingual investigators and translation partners to ensure we capture the information thoroughly and accurately.


Whether you need to verify claim information, identify possible fraud, or preserve testimony, our in-person and telephone statements help you make certain you have all the facts you need to make robust and intelligent claims decisions.


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