Clinic Inspections

Unethical lawyers and physicians conspire with claimants to bill insurers for nonexistent conditions or injuries or unnecessary medical treatments for exaggerated injuries. Unscrupulous medical professionals also bill for nonexistent patients or treatments using equipment they don’t have.


To combat these increasing forms of claims fraud, surveillance and investigative services from CoventBridge reveal the truth about questionable clinics and medical providers, helping you reduce unnecessary liability and improving your bottom line.


Clinic Surveillance
Our investigators set up surveillance outside clinics to document patient traffic and daily activity. We videotape patients entering and departing a clinic, collect license numbers of vehicles and make a detailed entry/exit report with descriptions of all visitors. Through our detailed surveillance, we can determine whether a clinic is overstating the number of patients seen, if appointment times correspond to the patients’ treatment plans – or whether the clinic exists at all.


Clinic Inspection
To get an accurate report of a clinic’s activity, we can send one of our highly trained and experienced investigators to perform an onsite investigation.

In an informed but unannounced visit, our investigator performs a room-to-room investigation of a clinic to retrieve pertinent records, document equipment and investigating licensing of personnel. Records collected include license copies, office notes, sign-in sheets, appointment records, travel cards, patient history forms, physician reports, treatment notes and diagnostic tests. The investigator also photographs all equipment, notes condition and collects serial numbers, model numbers and maintenance records.


This combination of clinic surveillance and in-depth clinic inspection effectively reveals many of the most common clinic frauds, including fictitious soft-tissue injuries and illegal billing practices.


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