AOE/COE Investigations

Deciding whether to accept an Arising Out of Employment (AOE) or Course of Employment (COE) Workers' Compensation claim may not always be a clear decision. Before initiating payments, you may need to launch an investigation of the claim. You need to be certain that the injured worker was an employee of the company at the time of the injury or illness. You also need to know if the injury or illness was related to the injured worker’s employment.


CoventBridge provides detailed information concerning all the facts and circumstances surrounding an employee’s initial claim. Our investigators interview claimants, witnesses and employers and search records and policy files. Because they are familiar with the laws and regulations of all jurisdictions nationwide, our investigators are fully qualified to efficiently explore all aspects of a given claim in order to provide the most comprehensive information available.


Our investigations are thorough and include details about accidents, occupational diseases, unexplained deaths, recreational injuries and other unusual circumstances. You may receive recorded statements, personnel records and a claimant’s signed medical release.


CoventBridge investigators present the powerful information you need to determine whether a claim is fraudulent or legitimate, thus improving your business results and your bottom line.


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