SIU and Compliance Programs

More than 25 insurance groups with 200+ top-tier insurance companies trust CoventBridge Group as their contracted Special Investigation Unit (SIU) Compliance partner. CoventBridge exceeds SIU qualifications across the country and ensures the States’ Department of Insurance statutory and regulatory filings are thorough and timely. The SIU and Compliance programs are insurance company specific, allowing the account to transfer SIU responsibilities entirely, or supplement accounts’ SIU functions with CoventBridge Group’s expertise.


Our 600 plus employee investigators are extensively trained, licensed and strategically located around the world to best serve our clients’ business needs. The average experience of 15 years in criminal justice, law enforcement, military and insurance investigations ensure claims are investigated methodically, expeditiously and in compliance with applicable laws, regulations and clients’ policies.


No matter the size of your organization, CoventBridge’s SIU and Compliance experts will design, build, implement and steward a SIU Program specific to your needs that will lower expenses, improve claims outcomes and increase return on investment. Regardless of the services needed, CoventBridge will effectively exceed the SIU Program requirements, as proven by the numerous accounts’ senior managers’ willingness to serve as references.


Every interaction and transaction are evidence of CoventBridge continued commitment and vision of improving clients’ business outcomes through providing the expertise and information to implement industry leading SIU Programs.


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