Intellectual Property Investigations

Our economy thrives when people and companies create new and innovative products and services. Corporations and inventors invest time, energy and funding in the research and development of products and the subsequent marketing of those products. These organizations and individuals are protected by intellectual property laws – the exclusive legal rights to market and control these valuable intangible assets.


Intellectual property fraud is widespread and growing. Corporations need protection against all three types of Intellectual Property (IP) fraud – trademark, patent and copyright infringements. However, few firms offer services to combat these specific types of fraud. While individual cases may be pervasive, IP infringement can be very challenging to pursue and prove. CoventBridge offers targeted services designed to stop IP fraud.


Whether you’re defending your right to exclusively sell your patented product, protecting your brand from unauthorized use of trademarks, or enforcing ownership of copyrighted materials, we can help you collect the evidence you need to stop IP infringements.


We start by helping you understand IP fraud. Then, we design a program to attack IP infringement, based on your specific requirements.


Our worldwide network of investigators can quickly find, identify and catalog the unlawful activities of individuals committing IP fraud against your company. They will compile a comprehensive report detailing and documenting their findings, and deliver it to you in the format you prefer.


Protect your products and your reputation by partnering with us to stop IP fraud.


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