Social Networking

Whether someone is posting their resume or keeping in touch with friends and family, it’s likely that you can find an individual through a social networking site. Depending on the site, many of these online community members share common interests in hobbies, religion or politics.


Most sites protect the privacy of members and their information, but individuals may grant varying levels of access to whomever they choose.
The growing world of social networking is a rich tool for investigators. Social networking sites break down the barriers of time and distance. Our investigators can connect with people around the world at any time of day. These often candid sites can also reveal information about an individual that is unavailable through any other source.


CoventBridge social networking searches can uncover detailed and important information. Our online searches commonly include:

  • Internet investigation using multiple search engines
  • Online press releases and news articles
  • Database search for relevant newspaper articles
  • Satellite images of a subject’s home, which can help determine whether it’s conducive to surveillance


Thorough online research saves time and money. Using the accumulated resources of the Internet, our investigators can quickly gather all relevant public information and may even find information not previously revealed by a claimant or applicant. Let our experienced investigators navigate through a person’s chosen social network sites to find the applicable, reliable data you need to make the right decision and improve business results.


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