Background Investigations

Background Investigations from CoventBridge provide a solid understanding of an individual or business. Our investigators search online databases and visit courthouses and municipal offices throughout the country to review and retrieve public documents. Together, these searches give you a complete picture of an individual’s or corporation’s history and how it might be relevant to a current claim.


Investigators scour public records, looking for assets, civil cases, liens or bankruptcy filings – anything that might motivate an individual or organization to file a fraudulent claim.


We offer a variety of search options to meet your specific needs. We can research anything from moving-vehicle violations to federal criminal investigations. Your report will include all findings, as well as copies of any relevant records.


Our Background Investigations search options include:

  • 7-year criminal and civil record search
  • Statewide moving violation records search
  • Public records library research
  • Corporation records search
  • Basic asset search
  • Statewide department of correction criminal search
  • Workers' Compensation history check
  • Statewide criminal record search
  • Federal criminal/civil records search
  • Nationwide newspaper, periodical and Internet index search


If you’re concerned about possible fraud in a particular claim, order an CoventBridge Background Check.  We’ll provide the comprehensive information you need to successfully resolve a case. 

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