Activity Checks

CoventBridge use both direct and indirect activity checks to obtain information about a claimant in all types of insurance cases. They canvass a claimant’s neighborhood to determine whether information provided to a carrier is truthful and accurate.


In a direct check, our investigators can establish residency or Alive and Well status by visiting a claimant’s home. Our investigators announce themselves as CoventBridge employees and represent your company in a professional manner.


Our investigators use a residency check, for example, to verify that a policyholder has provided a valid home address – or if they’ve given an alternate address to avoid higher auto rates, which is also known as rate evasion.


In an indirect check, our investigators discreetly interview a claimant’s neighbors. Without identifying themselves or their purpose, investigators can verify whether a claimant has provided accurate information or still meets the conditions of a policy or claim.


For example, if a surviving spouse is receiving lifetime disability or Workers' Compensation benefits based on marital status, a dependency check can determine whether the individual has remarried.


If you suspect that a claimant or policy holder has provided false information or is ineligible to receive benefits, our Activity Checks quickly get to the truth.


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