Corporate Services

More than 25 insurance groups with 200+ top-tier insurance companies trust CoventBridge Group as their contracted Special Investigation Unit (SIU) Compliance partner. CoventBridge exceeds SIU qualifications across the country and ensures the States’ Department of Insurance statutory and regulatory filings are thorough and timely. The SIU and Compliance programs are insurance company specific, allowing the account to transfer SIU responsibilities entirely, or supplement accounts’ SIU functions with CoventBridge Group’s expertise.

From shoplifting to violations of non-compete agreements, no matter how someone tries to steal from your company, CoventBridge offers the corporate services you need to stop and prevent loss.  Our investigative capabilities are founded on our vision of driving improved outcomes for our clients and partners by delivering the powerful information they need to make robust business decisions.

All of our services are customized to our clients. Whether you require our full range of corporate services or simply want to stop a specific loss, our products are designed to adjust to your needs.
We offer corporate investigations for a variety of corporate situations, including:

  • Embezzlement
  • Espionage
  • Loss prevention and fraud
  • Intellectual property (IP) infringement
  • Employee investigations
  • Non-compete violations
  • Security site assessments
  • Competitive intelligence

CoventBridge has assembled an elite team of investigative specialists who understand the complex nature of corporate cases. They use the latest surveillance equipment, including digital recording devices, to capture clear, courtroom-admissible evidence to help prove your case.

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