CoventBridge Group – Hurricane Irma Update – September 7th

September 7, 2017 Blog Master



CoventBridge Hurricane Irma Update

Subject: Inclement Weather Update – Hurricane Irma – Florida 

September 7, 2017


As a valued client of CoventBridge, we want to keep you informed of possible delays with your investigation(s). We are implementing our Inclement Weather procedures to keep our employees and their families safe.


As our headquarters are in the projected affected areas of Hurricane Irma, we are preparing to close our offices on Monday, September 11th. We have made arrangements for Florida based employees to work remotely, as long as there is remote power. We will reopen the offices as soon as it is safely possible.


We have instructed our field investigators who have active investigations to be worked within the Cone of Hurricane Irma to cease all investigative efforts as the storm approaches until it has passed. This may cause investigation delays, depending on the impact of the storm.  All affected investigation updates will be communicated to you by the Case Manager or Client Relationship Manager.  We appreciate your understanding.


Our Vice President of Network Security and Compliance is currently operating from Dulles, VA for the entirety of the event. Our data, evidence, documentation and videos are replicated between Dulles Virginia (primary), and Orlando, Florida (backup).


In the areas outside of the affected areas of Hurricane Irma, all investigations will continue as scheduled.  As our main fulfillment tasks are primarily conducted in Florida, this may cause some time service delays in the submission of reports. We will work diligently to have everything to you as soon as possible.


Thank you in advance for your patience. Our main telephone numbers, will remain open during normal business hours and our staff will be prepared to assist you.


If you have any questions or need an update on your files, you may access our SmartPartner Client Portal at; via email at or (888) 932-7364.


We remain committed to servicing our valued clients, please let me know if you need more detail about our staffing/back up plans.


If you or someone you love is scheduled to be impacted by Hurricane Irma, please stay safe. Florida Governor, Rick Scott has been directing individuals to for continual storm updates.


Thank you,

 Stacy Hanson

Chief Client Officer