Why the world’s largest investigative solutions firm is growing its Jacksonville office

February 15, 2017 Blog Master

From the Jacksonville Business Journal:

Why the world’s largest investigative solutions firm is growing its Jacksonville office
Feb 14, 2017, 2:24pm EST



CoventBridge Group, the largest investigative solutions company in the world, has expanded its Jacksonville location.


CoventBridge grew to become the largest company in its industry after ICS Merrill — a longtime Jacksonville company — and Orlando-based Global Options, joined CoventBridge, along with simultaneous acquisitions in the U.K. The joined companies will be doing business as CoventBridge, a brand that carries a lot of equity in the U.K. CoventBridge will continue its expansion in the U.K. as well.
This month, CoventBridge moved locations following the merger, as employee hiring and business both grew rapidly.


“We were breaking at the seams,” said Lindsay Taylor, director of marketing for CoventBridge in Jacksonville. “Since the merger, we’ve been growing and growing.”

Taylor said Jacksonville will serve as the headquarters for CoventBridge, with an office in Orlando.


“Our recent doubling of space in Arlington affirms our commitment to the Jacksonville community as the seat of our international company, and our continued confidence in my hometown to provide an extraordinary work force to fuel the world’s largest investigative solutions provider,” said David Merrill, CEO of the company, in an email to the Business Journal. “We anticipate adding 30 additional jobs over the next 2 years in our headquarters alone. These associates will serve beside over 1,000 employees worldwide delivering everyday for our thousands of clients. ”


Part of the reason for the merger stems from a need for more of the services they offer, mainly insurance fraud investigation, she said. The company investigates any sort of insurance fraud people may be committing — often in liability workers comp and slip and fall cases. Taylor said the company runs the gamut from doing surveillance, researching medical records, investigating their online presence and doing wellness checks.


“More people are trying to commit insurance fraud,” she said. “When people see the success from others who may not be fully truthful about how they do it, it continues to increase.”


Taylor added that the company was focusing on hiring more younger investigators, often with a criminal justice background, to replenish the aging workforce that insurance fraud investigators often represent. CoventBridge speaks at UNF about job opportunities and takes on interns from the university.


Jensen Werley
Jacksonville Business Journal